Conservation Leadership

“The people of our company believe very strongly that the future of our industry, the sports we serve, and the sports we personally enjoy are absolutely more dependent upon our conservation efforts or how we manage our natural resources than anything else. It is far more important than any catalog we mail, any new store we open, or any new products our vendors create.”
– Bass Pro Shops founder and CEO Johnny Morris

Wildlife & Habitat

Bass Pro Shops is working to ensure the health of our fish and wildlife resources for generations to come. Our efforts have restored millions of acres of habitat, healthy rivers, lakes and streams across North America, with programs that have significantly increased wildlife populations for hundreds of native species.

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Kids & Families

More than 100,000 kids catch a fish at Bass Pro Shops-sponsored events each year – many for the first time. With children spending half as much time outside as they did just two decades ago, Bass Pro Shops plays a significant role in introducing new audiences to the outdoors and fostering the next generation of conservation stewards.

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Sportsmen’s Rights

We engage nonprofit partners, public agencies and private coalitions to help expand outdoor recreation access and protect our outdoor heritage for everyone.

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