Our Communities

We celebrate community every day and support hundreds of local organizations and initiatives that make our communities stronger for everyone.

Kids & Families

100,000 kids catch a fish at a Bass Pro Shops-sponsored event each year - many for the first time. With children spending half as much time outside as they did just two decades ago, Bass Pro Shops plays a significant role introducing new audiences to the outdoors and fostering the next generation of stewards. Free events like Summer Camp, Outdoor Days and Gone Fishing, along with impactful multicultural outreach that welcomes new audiences to outdoor sports and recreation, help inspire kids to develop a lifelong appreciation for nature and wildlife.

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Local Conservation

"We all live downstream," which is why we actively support local conservation efforts in each of the communities we serve. From connecting customers with area conservation organizations to partnering with wildlife agencies and scout groups in support of local initiatives, Bass Pro Shops is your community conservation partner.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, we're there to lend a hand. Our partnerships with Convoy of Hope and American Red Cross provide support directly to the front lines of disaster areas where it has the most impact. By offering useful products, financial assistance and a caring hand, we help people across the country get back on their feet.

Military & Veterans

Bass Pro Shops has a strong affinity for the armed forces and their families, a value that starts with our visionary founder and CEO Johnny Morris. His lifelong respect and gratitude to servicemen was strongly shaped by his father, a decorated World War II veteran who proudly served his country in the Battle of the Bulge. These values continue to shape Bass Pro Shops today. A few key initiatives include:

Donating $1.5 million to establish a series of memorials honoring heroes at the College of the Ozarks campus in nearby Hollister, Missouri including a Vietnam War Memorial in 2014 and a new Gold Star Families Memorial Monument in 2017.

Recruiting veterans to join our team, with nearly ten percent of our workforce comprised of veterans from the armed services.

Donating millions to AmVets and USO through our oldest and most popular customer round-up programs during the busy holiday shopping season.

Hosting events that help recovering veterans connect with nature including like Fishing Dreams, a series of special fishing tournaments for disabled veterans.

Offering monthly military discount days resulting in nearly a million discounted transactions per year alone.

While we can never thank our veterans and active military enough for their sacrifices, we proudly honor and celebrate them and their families every day.

Ozarks Region

The natural beauty of the Ozarks instilled a lifelong passion for the outdoors in our founder and CEO Johnny Morris, inspiring him to help everyone connect with nature and wildlife. Today the mission continues with 6,000 associates in the region playing an active role making the Ozarks an even better place for everyone to live, work and play.

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